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Yeezy shoes boost on the resale market following Kanye West’s anti-semitic rants

Yeezy shoes boost on the resale market following Kanye West’s anti-semitic rants

Yeezy shoes experience a massive jump in prices following Kanye’s anti-Semitic rants. Ye is not new to backlash and critics over his actions and words. However, the 45-year-old rapper might have hit a new low. Kanye, who shares four children with the eldest daughter of the Kardashian clan, Kim, is facing some financial crises.

The situation with Kanye West

Almost everyone is aware of the #Blacklivesmatter movement. However, Ye chose to wear “White Lives Matter” during his Paris Fashion Show. This caused quite a backlash as it was seen as an attempt to undermine the #Blacklivesmatter movement. As if in a frenzy to cause more drama, Ye went on to make controversial comments about the Jews. He claimed that the Jews controlled the media and that Jewish doctors wrongly hospitalized him for bipolar disorder.

As a result, Adidas, Balenciaga, Gap, CAA, and many others have also ended their partnership with Ye. Sadly, the Donda Rapper is no longer a billionaire after losing several partnerships that guaranteed an upstream of income.

Resale market and Yeezy

Since the breakup with Adidas, the resale market has been thrown into an uproar. Although Ye’s financials have taken a deep dive, many sneakers resellers are stoked for the opportunity to make outstanding profits on Yeezy slides. Within 24 hours of Adidas terminating the contract, the prices of Yeezy doubled in the resale market. Searching for “Yeezy” on the Adidas website brings no results, as they have pulled all the products from their sites and shelves. Many people are looking to buy Yeezy products because they are scared the price will increase.

Adidas produced Yeezy luxury sneakers and slides on a steady basis to ensure their market availability. However, the future of Yeezy is bleak, which means they will be more scarce and valuable in the resale market. 

Where to buy Yeezy?

Finding a reliable place to buy Yeezy is essential to avoid buying fakes. Scammers are using this opportunity to create Yeezy look-alike luxury sneakers and slides. Suppose you are looking for where to find authentic Yeezy shoes. Check out resaleuniverse.com for quality Yeezy sneakers and slides. You can buy Yeezy luxury footwear confidently and get quality for your money. 

How to spot fake Yeezy slides?

The increasing demand for Yeezy slides makes it a perfect opportunity to introduce “fakes” into the market. Therefore, it is important to be able to identify authentic Yeezy shoes. 

One of the features that show authenticity is the soles. They have unique sharp knife-like teeth, which are evenly spaced and easy to identify.

Another key detail absent in fakes is the wide rounded toe box. 

Inspect the footbed for the Adidas logos- three stripes shaped in a triangle. 

The inner part of the luxury sneakers must contain “YEEZY” and “Made IN CHINA” in a font that resembles 3D.

YEEZY slides come with a unique SKU (stock-keeping unit) number. You can use the number to confirm the authenticity of the slides.

Yeezy boxes are made with durable materials. Therefore, they should get to you in good condition. Suspect fraud if the boxes are damaged during delivery.

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